Caroline & Peter

August 3, 2019House Island, Portland, ME

Our Story
Love On Bowery

On a warm September night in lower Manhattan Peter and Caroline were doing what most early 20 something year olds do on a Friday night, getting ready to go out. Caroline with her friend Kim and Peter with his squad of dudes, they were each perfecting their looks without a clue of each other’s existence or what the night would bring.

As most 20 somethings were also doing, the two were swiping on the latest dating apps in the hopes they would find someone special, and they did when they matched with each other! After some small talk texts, Peter making sure he mentioned he had a car, and some brief flirting, the two figured out there was a mutual interest. They made plans to go out the following Monday, put the phones away, and hit the town.

Caroline and Kim ready to dance and Peter + crew wanting to go where girls go to dance, they each knew the place: Bowery Electric. On line at one of a thousand bars in the middle of NoHo was where Peter noticed the literally head-turning, tall, blond, Caroline on the very same line. After the sudden in-person meeting they took a shot of tequila and danced the night away. At the end of the night they both eagerly awaited their first official date on Monday.

Since then, the two have been inseparable. For the next three years Caroline and Peter were often found frolicking around the city that never sleeps, exploring destinations near and far, and sharing in all of the experiences life has to offer. Finding each other to live life to the fullest, they knew this was it for them.

Peter being a Mainer he has invested a lot of time making sure, New York native, Caroline understands his state’s slogan “Maine, the way life should be.” Being a special place for so many reasons, Peter decided to bring Caroline to his family’s lake house just a stone’s throw away from the White Mountains, to ask her to spend the rest of her life with him. She gladly said yes, and they are still both firm believers that fate works in incredible ways.

Ceremony & Reception

Saturday, August 3, 2019
4:30 PM
Attire: Black Tie Optional
Ceremony and Reception
House Island, Portland, ME

Leave the Littles: We adore your children but have limited space, make it a date night!

We will be providing a ferry to bring you to the island. You can find the specific ferry information on our Details page. Please arrive at the dock on time so we can make sure you are all there when we say I Do!

At the end of the night, ferries will be making a few trips back to the main land throughout the evening.

Other Events

Thursday, August 1, 2019
Top of the East
157 High St, Portland, ME 04101, USA

If you are in town Thursday evening and would like to say hello, we will be at the Top of the East in the Westin grabbing a drink!

Meet and Greet
Friday, August 2, 2019
8:00 PM
Boone's Fish House & Oyster Room
86 Commercial St, Portland, ME 04101, USA
Fit for foodies, craft beer connoisseurs, and lovers of the water, the Old Port has it all. Come to Boone's for a drink with the happy couple before they embark on their journey to the island!
Sunday Brunch
Sunday, August 4, 2019
9:00 AM
The Westin Portland Harborview
157 High St, Portland, ME 04101, USA

Please come enjoy some breakfast at The Winslow Homer Ballroom in the Westin before your travels. Food will be provided from 9:00-11:30am.

Wedding Party

Candice Mullane - Maid of Honor

Candice is Caroline's big sister, best friend, and true partner in crime. Candice and Caroline have always been joined at the hip and used to be roomies in the big city! Peter knowing how close these girls are, was happy when he got the stamp of approval from Caroline's protective big sister! Always doing things with gusto, Candice immediately welcomed Peter into the loop. From Barry's Bootcamp classes, to dinner parties, and much more, Peter, Candice, and Caroline are all best buddies!

Emma Grace Vouno - Flower Girl
Sara Vouno - Bridesmaid
Hannah Molloy - Bridesmaid
Elizabeth Schrader - Bridesmaid
Eileen Black - Bridesmaid
Julianne DiFrisco - Bridesmaid
Taylor Disora - Bridesmaid
Tammie Schneider - Bridesmaid
Genevieve Chaleff - Bridesmaid
Alix Blutstein - Bridesmaid
Christina Consigli - Bridesmaid
Marc Dupuis - Best Man

Marc has known Peter for over 10 years, ever since their freshman year at Villanova. Peter, Marc, and Eric all studied within the school of computer and electrical engineer sharing many of the same classes during their undergraduate years. Shortly after they met Marc and Peter graduated from study partners to roommates and best friends. Marc and Peter have traveled together near and far throughout and after college. Marc now lives in San Francisco with his wife Rachel where Peter and Caroline visit frequently.

Michael Clark - Groomsman
Thomas Clark - Groomsman
Kenneth Mullane - Groomsman
Eric Chen - Groomsman
John Vicenzi - Groomsman
Ethan Cochran - Groomsman
Mike Quinn - Groomsman
Ben Clifford - Groomsman
Will Woodworth - Groomsman
Gary Dawes - Groomsman
Billy Dietz - Groomsman